Members of your group:

What is the geographical layout of your region? What are some landforms/waterways that are found?
Hills, mountains, and small lakes.

What types of acitivies can people do because of the landforms/waterways that are found?
People can hike on the hills and mountains. The wavy hills are great for landscaping. They would make great mountains for sleighing and skiing. The tall grass would be a great game of hide and seek for kids.

Write a paragraph that would describe your region's geography and activities that can be done. Use descriptive language in your paragraph. In the Catskill region people can hike on mountains.People can ski and rock climb almost anywhere.

1st Place of Interest Name:Altamura Center for Arts and Cultures

City:Round Top

What makes this a place of interest?It provides world class culture programs. It has many music festivals with Opera, Broadway, Jazz, and Classical.

2nd Place of Interest Name:Basher Kill Wildlife Management Area


What makes this a place of interest?The area is 2000 acres of wetlands,forests, and fields. The place is good for hiking, canoeing, and natured photography.

3rd Place of Interest Name:
Eagle Institute

What makes this a place of interest?It is a eagle wathing habitat.Many different kinds of birds.

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