Members of your group:

James Jakub

What is the geographical layout of your region? What are some landforms/waterways that are found?

I see mountains, hills, valleys, lakes, and rivers.
What types of acitivies can people do because of the landforms/waterways that are found?

They hike, boating, jogging, fishing
Write a paragraph that would describe your region's geography and activities that can be done. Use descriptive language in your paragraph.

1st Place of Interest Name:Annutto's Farm Stand and Cider Mill


What makes this a place of interest? .

Makes items like honey and maple syrup.They also make natural apple cider

2nd Place of Interest Name: Anonymous Arts Museum

City:Charlotteville :-) :-o

What makes this a place of interest?

There are architectural objects to see and demolished buildings .

3rd Place of Interest Name: Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park


What makes this a place of interest?

There are tigers, penguins, otters, eagles, tamarins, wolves and bears.There are also birthday parties and zoo school

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