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What is the geographical layout of your region? What are some landforms/waterways that are found? Hills,Lot of Plains, Lakes,Rivers,Penisula. Its mostly flat.

What types of acitivies can people do because of the landforms/waterways that are found People can boat in Rivers and Lakes. Many farmers would want to live there so they can farm in all the farming grounds. You can fish on a Penisula. You can Ice Skate on the Lakes and Rivers. Surfing and swimming.

Write a paragraph that would describe your region's geography and activities that can be done. Use descriptive language in your paragraph.

1st Place of Interest Name:Opera House


What makes this a place of interest? Beautitifly restored oprea house located in the heart of downtown Fredonia

County Museum

2nd Place of Interest Name:County Museum


What makes this a place of interest? County museum of local historacal acrrackons

3rd Place of Interest Name:River ValleyTrail

City:Allegany, NY

What makes this a place of interest? I think it's interesting because you can ski, walk,bike and roller blade for 5.6 miles. You see a view of Olean,Allegany and St.Bonaventure.

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