Members of your group:
Michael , Irene

What is the geographical layout of your region? What are some landforms/waterways that are found?
In the Finger Lakes there are lakes,rivers, and hills.

What types of acitivies can people do because of the landforms/waterways that are found?
People can swim, go fishing, and go boating.

Write a paragraph that would describe your region's geography and activities that can be done. Use descriptive language in your paragraph.

At the Finger Lakes region you can swim in our marvelous lakes!

1st Place of Interest Name:Amazing Maize Maze at Long Acre Farms


What makes this a place of interest?

This would be a place of interest because there is a themed maze, farm market, an ice cream shop, and play area. There is also summer and fall festivals.

2nd Place of Interest Name:All Things Art


What makes this a place of interest?

This would be a great place of interest because some people love art. There is also many different varieties of art people may enjoy.

3rd Place of Interest Name:Beard's Creek Golf Course


What makes this a place of interest?

Since a lot of people like golf many people will visit and play. It also has 18 holes and it is open to the public.

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