Members of your group:
Jenna,Elizabeth, and Manaal

What is the geographical layout of your region? What are some landforms/waterways that are found?
There are rivers,lakes,and waterfalls for waterways.There are plains and hills for landforms.

What types of acitivies can people do because of the landforms/waterways that are found?
For waterways they can go canoing,fishing,snorkling,and swimming.When it is snowing on the hills you can go snowboarding,skiing,and sledding.In the summer time you can hike on the hills and plant pumpkins in the plains.

Write a paragraph that would describe your region's geography and activities that can be done. Use descriptive language in your paragraph?
You can canoe down the exotic river and fish in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.Swim with the fish in Lake Erie and swim with all the fish.Some fish that live in Lake Erie are: rock bass,largemouth bass,bullhead,bluegill,pumpkinseed,carp, channel catfish, and rainbow trout.In winter you can go snowboarding,skiing,and sledding.The tempature is 20 degrees.

1st Place of Interest Name:
Aquarium of Niagara

Niagara Falls
What makes this a place of interest?

Go into the marine life of a lot of unknown underwater living animals.Free parking a and see animals inside the falls outside the windows.

2nd Place of Interest Name:Beaver Island State Park

City:Grand Island

What makes this a place of interest?
Beaver Island State Park is the park you would want to go if you wanted to go to a park.Go swimming and fishing in Lake Erie and Ontario. The forest can be an exciting place to go biking and hiking on the nature trails.

3rd Place of Interest Name:
Buffalo Zoological Gardens

Buffalo, NY

What makes this a place of interest?This is a great place to go during your vacation,because of all the exotic animals.It is a great place to spend time with your family and meet with your friends.

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