1. You and your group will need to find your region on Google Earth and explore the landscape of your region. Look for major landforms such as lakes, rivers and mountain ranges that might be found in your region. To be able to locate your region on Google Earth, use the Resources page on this wiki and click on the link for "Road Maps." You will be able to see where you region is on the map of New York. On your Notes page of the wiki, record what you've found. One person does the typing.

2. Using the links in the Resources section, find the answers for the questions on your notes sheet.

3. Find pictures that would support the facts on your notes sheet. Save them into Computer/SR-Students/Dugger/0910/Research/Regions Images/your region folder. Watch the video in the Tutorials section of the wiki if you don't remember how to save pictures from the internet. You must have: 1 picture of where your region is on the map of NY, one picture to support the geographical information about your region, 1 picture related to each place of interest you wrote about. That is a minimum of 5 pictures.